Local woodworker, 1800s farmhouse in Elkins Park feat. by the Inquirer

A refurbished farmhouse in Elkins Park was highlighted today by the Philadelphia Inquirer in an article titled “An 1800s farmhouse in Elkins Park is steeped in local history“.

According to the article, the farmhouse dates back to 1802 and is “nestled on a skinny road next to the Tacony Creek”. The property has been owned since 1995 by Colin Browne, a Delaware County native and woodworker who runs Colin Browne Woodworking out of the barn pictured above.

From his company’s website:

I have spent the past 45 years honing my craft. At a young age I started working with Bernie Fiero,  a fine artist. I took every opportunity to get my hands immersed in the world of woodworking and master craftsmanship. My mentor, Bernie, worked with acclaimed artist and mid century furniture maker, Wharton Esherick. I was greatly inspired by my early teachers, and created my own style and techniques for shaping and working with wood.

Colin Browne

Browne’s wife, Karolye Eldridge, is a teacher at Abington Friends School and created sweater designs which were regularly featured on The Cosby Show, according to the article.

The four-bedroom, 3,500-square-foot house had an addition put in 1860 and then again in 1909. Browne has significantly revamped the property since he purchased it, the Inquirer said.

“You can see each addition stepping down the hillside,” Browne said. “To see that roof is still on the house is crazy to me.”

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Photos: colinbrownewoodworking.com