Local, Madeleine Dean, Running for Lieutenant Governor

Madeleine Dean, a parishioner of St. Lukes, Glenside and a graduate of Abington High school, announced on Wednesday that she will be running for lieutenant governor in next year’s primary elections.

State representative Madeleine Dean has some history in the Glenside area. She practiced general law at Dean, Homicki and Devita P.C on Keswick Avenue and later served as Abington commissioner, Ward 7 for some time. Madeleine’s spouse Pat Cunnane, is another Glenside local, who as a child worked at Keswick Cycle on Easton Road, owned Cunnane Bicycle Company Inc. and is now CEO of Advanced Sports Inc.

Dean, refers to herself as a progressive democrat and if elected as lieutenant governor, she intends to increase the minimum wage throughout the state as well as escalate the state’s public schools’ funding. Her competition is definitely not limited to say the least.  Others on the ticket are Aryanna Berringer, from Westmoreland County; Kathi Cozzone the commissioner of Chester County; Braddock Mayor, John Fetterman; Lancaster County Commissioner Craig Lehman; and current Lieutenant. Governor, Mike Stack.