LaCosta Lounge in Sea Isle is Closing

Most shore visitors have enjoyed a cocktail at LaCosta Lounge in Sea Isle at least once, and for some LaCosta was one of the best spots to drink and hook-up in your 20s down the shore.

The Sea Isle News reported this morning that the landmark is closing after next summer (2019), so there are 2 more summers to enjoy LaCosta. The property has been sold to developers. From the Sea Isle News:

The LaCosta Lounge, a throwback nightclub and one of the centerpieces of the Sea Isle City entertainment scene since the 1960s, has been sold to an investment group that plans to redevelop the property.

However, the LaCosta will remain open for at least the next two summers under the operation of James Bennett, the nightclub owner and restaurateur who holds a lease for the property through October 2019.

“We will be operating here for the next two years. Come in and see us,” Bennett said in remarks aimed  at his customers.

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