Jonas Allen Exhibition Opens at Moody Jones Gallery

The Moody Jones Gallery’s Exhibit: Jonas Allen Presents is running now until October 4, 2018.  The Gallery is located on 107 B. Easton Road, Glenside, 

Jonas Allen was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on January 12, 1955 and has been drawing as far back as he can remember. After completing his secondary education at the Lycee Toussaint, in 1973, he visited the Haitian Artist Co-Op. He was impressed by the talented artists and decided to take his passion very seriously and turn his dream of becoming an artist into a reality under the guidance of the masters of the Co-op, the masters at the Academy of the Beaux Arts and the primitive masters. Jonas was also influenced by Bernard Wah and Michel Phillippe Lerebour, a leading Haitian art critic.

In 1981, he immigrated to United States, took classes and read extensively to complete his higher education. Today, Jonas Allen’s work hangs in many private collections and galleries globally. Like many of his contemporaries, Jonas travels, exhibiting his work all over the world. He lives in Georgia and paints at his studio in Atlanta.

Artist’s Statement:
“I glance over the universe, I ponder over the history and the cultures of humanity. I feel the joy and the suffering of our world. I blend them all along with what they had made of me; then on my canvas, spontaneously, I pour it all. With the help of my genius a work of art emerges. “Another world – my world!” … Thank God,” said Jonas Allen.


The Moody Jones Gallery opened is a boutique art gallery founded in 2016. The Gallery has a rich collection of paintings and sculptures.  The Moody Jones Gallery mission is to introduce people to new, mid-level and well-established artists working in different mediums.