Jenkintown’s Embattled Democratic Party Announces Fundraiser

jenkintown democrat fundraiser

The Jenkintown Democratic Committee has announced a fundraiser to be held on February 19. Minimum donation starts at $15 for Jenkintown residents and goes all the way up to $1500 for a sponsorship. 

The event is hosted by Mayor Allyson Dobbs and Lisa Zamara Smith, and others. Special guests include state representative Steve McCarter and Montgomery County Commissioner Ken Lawrence. 

For those thinking of going and handing over their hard-earned money, please consider the track record to date of Jenkintown’s current roster of local Democratic representatives. 

Jenkintown Borough approved a budget for 2019 that includes a $400,000 deficit and calls for a 5% property tax hike. 

Council President Deborra Sines-Pancoe and Council Vice President Rick Bunker are currently battling a civil rights lawsuit filed in federal court by a resident wrongly accused of a zoning violation.

Also named in the suit is Borough Manager George Locke who received a 23% pay raise in 2016 while continuing to overlook many actual code violations around the borough. The suit also names the borough itself.

These three are joined by Borough Solicitor Sean Kilkenny, who was also closely associated with Allentown’s former mayor who was convicted of a pay-to-play scandal after an FBI investigation. Mr. Kilkenny also serves as the Montgomery County sheriff, which some might consider a conflict of interest. 

Mr. Bunker also serves as the chairman of Council’s Administration and Finance committee while running a company that initiated bankruptcy proceedings last November. 

The fundraiser will be held at the law offices of Emmet Madden, 711 West Avenue in Jenkintown on February 19 at 6:00 PM.