Abington Township Human Relations Commission addresses circulation of anti-Semitic flyers with statement, video

The Abington Township Human Relations Commission released a statement and a video on Tuesday, May 7 which addresses the circulation of anti-Semitic flyers in the community.

According to the Commission, flyers were found on car windows in the parking lot of an apartment complex and “call for harmful and divisive action and even promote an anti-Semitic film from 2017.”

The statement notes that similar flyers appeared last year. Police reported incidents in April in Chestnut Hill, in early October in Upper Moreland, Abington, and Upper Dublin, in September in Abington and Upper Moreland, and in December in Fort Washington.

“Despite the lack of news coverage and identifiable footage from security cameras, we must stand together against such acts of hate,” the statement said. “Please stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities.”

A community member shared the following photo:

The Commission’s video regarding the incidents:

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