Jenkintown billboard situation moves forward

On August 24th, Jenkintown Borough Council held a Curative Amendment Hearing regarding the construction and installation of monopole billboards at 103 and 111 York Road.

Jenkintown LH, LLC of Newtown Square is challenging the validity of a borough ordinance relating to advertising signs. This was the third Curative Amendment Hearing, each of which have provided opportunities to present evidence and testimony from attorneys representing the borough and Jenkintown LH.

“Council is the judge of the situation. Each side hired an attorney,” borough manager George Locke said. “Other vested parties have made presentations. Neighbors and professional witnesses have testified as well.”

No decision was made by borough council, and the discussion will be continued at the Zoning Hearing Board meeting on September 29. The next Curative Amendment Hearing is scheduled for October 18.

“They’re still hearing the case and witnesses are still being brought forward,” Locke said. “There have been Curative Amendment Hearings and there’s a Substantive Validity Challenge that’s been going on for months. Both of these are rare, and they’re both saying the same thing: there’s a flaw in the zoning ordinance. They’re trying to show where that flaw is so it can be addressed.”