Inquirer Reporter’s Questions Lead to Congressional Candidate Madeleine Dean Amending Financial Report

There hasn’t been a lot of coverage of the campaign to represent the newly created District 4 in Congress. The district encompasses the vast majority of Montgomery County (including Abington and Cheltenham Townships).

Democrat Madeleine Dean is facing Republican Dan David. Neither is an incumbent. Dean currently serves as a State Representative in Harrisburg. David has never run for office before and works in the private sector.’s Joseph N. DiStefano has an article today, “Money from Asia: Democrat Madeleine Dean to amend financial report in Montco Congress race” that explores how Dean’s campaign positions and don’t lineup with the reality of her personal finances.

From the article:

Like a lot of candidates seeking votes in the November elections, state Rep. Madeleine Dean, the lawyer and former LaSalle University English professor whom Democrats chose to run in Montgomery County’s Fourth Congressional District, says there ought to be more well-paid jobs for U.S. workers.

“We can and must grow our economy,” Dean said in announcing her campaign. She called for “good-paying jobs. Strong union jobs. A livable wage.” She faces Republican Dan David in November’s general election for the seat, which has no incumbent, in a district with more Democrats than Republicans.

But does Dean practice what she preaches? Her husband’s bicycle company has deep financial ties to China, and she hasn’t answered basic questions about those relationships as required by law. In response to my questions, her campaign promised this week to amend her filings.

What is interesting about this financial connection to China is that her opponent, Dan David, has spent a portion of his career exposing what he believes are Chinese companies that work to attract investment from the United States through fraudulent practices.

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