Hispanic Heritage Month: Karla’s Kitchen in Flourtown featured on CBS News

Karla’s Kitchen & Catering has been serving Peruvian home-cooked comfort cuisine to the Flourtown community since 2016. Owner Karla Salinas was interviewed on October 3 for a CBS News feature in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

“It’s not just rice and beans Peruvians. We are stews, stir-fries, pasta,” Salinas said.

While business is blossoming as of late, the Kitchen’s early days received less enthusiasm from customers. The trick, Salinas said, was when her mother reminded her that she’s cooking for Americans, not Peruvians, so she needed to “Cook their food, but with your flavor.” 

“The community is the best,” Salinas said. “They’ve become part of my life and I become part of their life too.”

For full coverage of the CBS News feature, click here. For more information about Karla’s Kitchen, you can check out their website.