Gov. Shapiro returns to endorse Democratic candidates for Montgomery County Commissioner

Governor Josh Shapiro returned to his native Montgomery County on Sunday, October 15 to publicly endorse Democratic candidates Jamila Winder and Neil Makhija, each of whom are running for Montgomery County Commissioner.

Winder and Makhija are opposed by Republicans Liz Ferry and Tom DiBello.

Shapiro, a former Montgomery County Commissioner, state legislator and attorney general, appeared at von C Brewing Company in Norristown to voice his support.

“When I reflect back on what Leslie Richards and I accomplished in 2011, and now look at Jamila and Neil standing on the precipice of winning again, I look at them and not just what they look like, but what they represent,” Shapiro said. “They make me feel more welcome in Montgomery County than I have ever felt.”

U.S. Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-4th Dist., spoke as well.

“For the governor to be here in his own backyard, back from Harrisburg, it’s central to who we are as Montgomery County Democrats,” she said.

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Photo: Penn Law