GOP Stages Forum for County Commissioner Candidates

The Republican party wanting to retake majority status on the Montgomery County Commission staged a forum for candidates last night at the the North Penn VFW. The room was packed and parking spilled out into the side streets across Jenkintown Road.

WPHT’s Dom Giordano hosted and moderated the forum that included Sean Gale (current commissioner Joe Gale’s brother), Fred Conner, France Krazalkovich, and Dean Eisenberger.

The event was not without a little verbal scuffling. During the Q&A period, Sean Gale voiced an accusation that some in the party had mounted an “anyone-but-Sean” campaign to push him out of the race. This did not play well with the audience or with the other candidates. Mr. Eisenberger was especially pointed in his defense of himself and the party in general, calling for unity, and vowing to help whomever wins in the primary.

Candidate highlights

The 27-year-old Sean Gale was perhaps the biggest lightning rod in the room. He described Ronald Reagan as the “greatest historical conservative” but believes that Donald Trump is even greater still. His biggest issues are abortion — he’s against it — and stopping RINOs — Republican’s in Name Only — from taking over the party.

France Krazalkovich talked about wanting to build a “new Republican party” that focused on core conservative values, which included lowering taxes and upholding pro-life policies.

Fred Conner from Whitpain Township also wants to get a better control of taxes, but he was alone in citing sprawl as a major problem in the county. Mr. Conner also describes himself as pro-life and a 2nd amendment supporter. He also cited the party’s “losing demographics for the past 20 years,” as progressives move out of the city and settle in the suburbs.

Dean Eisenberger started off a little shaky in the introductions, but he came on strong during the Q&A. His calls for unity played well with the crowd. Mr. Eisenberger served as commissioner and chairman of Plymouth Township and focused most of his discussion on taxes.

Who do you think you’ll vote for and why?