Glenside’s Moody Jones Gallery hosts “Imagination,” the hip-hop infused art of Bariq Cobbs

The Moody Jones Gallery, a boutique art gallery located at 107b S Easton Rd, Glenside, is hosting a new show titled “Imagination,” which features the hip-hop infused art of Bariq Cobbs.

The show will run until January 1, and will include an artist reception/talk from 3:00pm to 8:00pm on Sunday, December 4 at the gallery.

Cobbs’ paintings are a mix of abstract and realism, and have been on display in venues as close as the African American Museum in Philly and as far as Rome, Italy.

“Normally I start with a sketch of something I have seen, dreamt about, or imagined and felt inspired by,” Cobbs, a Philadelphia native and graduate of the University of the Arts’ Animation and Film program, said. “I start with a concept and then I make it into something concrete. I might use pencil or pen, and then gradually add color with acrylic paint and fill out the details. Sometimes I will represent the same theme in multiple paintings but use slightly different methods each time.”

Cobbs standing with a recent painting

Part artist, part entrepreneur, Cobbs creates and designs African-inspired wearable art emboldened with hip-hop sensibilities. He has co-founded several apparel companies, including Tribe Vibe and Funky Roots, popular during the 1980s and 1990s, and Miskeen Originals, a men’s hand-painted T-shirt line.

Cobbs’ latest wearable venture, Meezan ArtCouture, is an upscale urban menswear brand that he co-founded two years ago. His designs have been worn by Busta Rhymes, Juelz Santana and Usher, and can be found in specialty and department stores nationwide.

About Moody Jones Gallery

An art collector for over 30 years, Adrian Moody and his wife founded their gallery in 2016 to feature their private collection. Their vision has since expanded to include artists they’ve befriended over the years, as well as emerging artists recently discovered.

“That includes the African diaspora and whatever makes sense to us,” Adrian said. “We try to support those in poetry, books, and an array of artistic and cultural endeavors. Our goal is to continue doing just that. It’s a passion for me. I’ve always found a comfort level in doing this. I find gratitude.”

Adrian’s foray into owning a piece of the art world was a gallery called Art on 38 in Philly.

“Art collection just grew on me,” he said. “Everywhere I go I try to be supportive.”

For more on Glenside’s Moody Jones Gallery, you can visit their Facebook page here. For more on Bariq Cobbs, you can visit his Facebook page here.

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