Glenside Walkabout: Elcy’s Makes Glenside Commuters SEPTA’s Luckiest – UPDATE

As a reluctantly moving to this area from Massachusetts in 2002, finding Elcy’s helped ease the transition. Founder Lisa Creighton (now Rittler), the “L” and the “C” in Elcy’s, created a cozy, art-appreciating space for commuters and neighbors to grab a cup and baked good to go or to hang out and dine on fresh sandwiches and probably the best smoothies I’ve had anywhere. Lisa’s cafe attracted a lively, friendly clientele that made making new friends easy.

I spent many an afternoon in this historic little train station noshing, chatting, and writing on my laptop, especially after Lisa had the WiFi installed. Today, I say with some pride that I wrote almost an entire book at one of the little tables.

In 2011, Lisa left the popular coffee spot to Amy and Al Chapman, who added fresh-roasted coffee from their sister company Valley Green Coffee to the mix. Today the cafe remains as popular as ever with the locals, SEPTA commuters, train watchers, and itinerant Arcadia students.

Cookies, breads, brownies, and scones remain ever-popular at Elcy’s — and for good reason

Full breakfasts, soups and wrap sandwiches remain staples on the menu, but the coffee stands out as the major upgrade to the menu. I’m big on the medium-bodied Brazilian, but they also offer their Devil’s Pool for aficionados of the darker bean.

Elcy’s is open Monday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch. Hours: 5:45 AM to 3PM Monday-Friday and 8AM to 2:30 PM on Saturdays. Learn more about their menu and history at their website,

Roast beef and arugula wrap with pickle, as pretty as a still-life.

Updated March 14 to correct errors in the cafe’s history.

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