Glenside Ranked For Best Place to Live In PA.

According to, a data research platform that analyzes schools and neighborhoods, Glenside received an A+, as one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania.

Glenside ranked 38th out of 1,532 places to live in Pennsylvania and 28th out of 437 for the best suburbs to live. As for real estate, the median home value in Glenside is currently $263,100 and the median monthly rent is $1,007. Based on a population of 7,781, 76% of those residents own their properties, while 24% of those are renting.

Both the Abington and Cheltenham School Districts for the most part, are the public schools that encompass the Glenside Area. These two districts received A’s on their Niche report cards. This included Highland Elementary, Glenside Elementary, Copper Beach, Myers Elementary, Wyncote Elementary, Cheltenham High School, Abington Junior High School and Abington Senior High School.

Generally stating, Glenside is a family oriented and safe town to live according to the reviews. It gives you that small town feel where everyone gets to know and support each other, including the “mom and pop” retail shops. You can see shows at the Keswick Theater, walk to the well known Glenside Pub, enjoy the parks with you kids and have easy access to public transportation such as the Glenside Train Station.



Photo| Cheltenham Township