Frank Lloyd Wright architecture photography exhibit currently on view at Beth Sholom Synagogue

Frank Lloyd Wright is considered the most famous and accomplished architect America has ever produced. Over his seven decade career, he defined American architecture in the 20th Century through his simplistic and organic style. Among his credits include the Guggenheim in New York, Taliesin West in Arizona, and the Elkins Park National Landmark, Beth Sholom Synagogue.

Sacred Spaces: Frank Lloyd Wright x Andew Pielage, is currently on view at Beth Sholom and is a photography exhibit of Wright’s work through the lens of photographer Andrew Pielage. The exhibit is curated by Sam Lubell and includes both religious and secular buildings. It features over 30 photographs.

From the Metropolis:

By displaying photography of Wright’s religious architecture alongside secular projects, the exhibition shows how Wright used geometry, light, and the relations of his buildings to their landscapes to create places with spiritual resonance. “Wright was a master of controlling light,” Pielage says, “facing his buildings the right way, bouncing light where he wanted it, filling the room with light. For me, as a photographer, a huge theme of a sacred space is light.”

Sacred Spaces will be on view at the Beth Sholom Synagogue through January 17th.