Four-story, multi-use building on E. Glenside Avenue under review

Plans for a four-story, multi-use building in Glenside are currently under review by Cheltenham Township.

Property owner Brian Regli has proposed the demolition of parcels located at 29, 35, 105 and 115 E. Glenside Avenue, and the construction of a single building in their place.

The first floor of the building would be dedicated to retail office use, a common area and amenity spaces. 42 one-bedroom and 18 two-bedroom apartments would take up the remaining three floors, with a cover along the entire first floor façade of the building. The multi-use building’s proposal includes 109 parking spaces.

“I think it’s good stuff happening in the Glenside area,” Henry Selawungu, Cheltenham Township Director of Planning and Zoning, said. “It’s a big development going through a series of zoning processes.”

The plans are currently on the Township’s Building and Zoning agenda for December 7, with a hearing scheduled for December 12.

“The parcels were recently rezoned so that the entire property is within the MU-1 Mixed use Zoning District,” Commissioner Matt Areman, Ward 1, said. “What’s appealing is that it will fit into a transit-oriented area via the Glenside Train Station. It’ll bring in residents to a walkable community, and hopefully spur other forms of development. People need places to go, so hopefully that will spur other developments.”

As a result of discussion during a November 28 Planning Commission meeting, a fiscal impact study and a study regarding the number of school age children potentially residing in the building were required for the project to move forward.

“While I’m in favor of developments, it has to be done right. It has to help, not hurt, the community,” Areman said. “We still have a lot of due diligence to pursue so that these developments are done properly. And I think they will be, but we have to keep close to make sure.”

Photo credit: Google