FoodChasers’ Kitchen of Elkins Park included in Visit Philadelphia’s celebrity-approved restaurant list

Visit Philadelphia recently published an article titled “Where the Stars Eat in Philly: 22 Celebrity-Approved Restaurants & Eateries” which includes FoodChasers’ Kitchen of Elkins Park.

The article pairs various eateries with A-list visitors.

From their article:

Jalen Hurts

Many Philadelphia athletes have staked a favorite cheesesteak joint, many with their own signature sandwiches. But only one quarterbacked his team to the Super Bowl. It was at FoodChasers’ Kitchen in Elkins Park, where Eagles’ quarterback Jalen Hurts crafted his own steak called “The Jalen Special,” consisting of seasoned steak, fried onions, Cooper Sharp cheese and mayo. During a Super Bowl press conference, Hurts discussed the creation, saying, “I put my little ingredients on it. I made it just right.” In the next five months, sales skyrocketed over 300 percent.

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Photo: Wikipedia