Eric ‘Fitman’ Brown: Success begins when excuses end

Eric “Fitman” Brown, NGA Pro Natural Bodybuilder, USATF Masters Sprinter, and the owner of The Fitman Performance & Physique Center in Roslyn knows personally how excuses are self-limiting.

“Excuses are the death of any true progress,” Fitman said. “When I look around the gym world or the athletics/natural bodybuilding world, it’s filled with stories of untapped potential. And what keeps the potential of most people from being tapped into is excuses!”

“I speak from experience because I was a story of untapped potential,” he said. “I remember some of the lame excuses I made for my lack of performances in high school and then as a sprinter at West Chester University. And it’s downright embarrassing when I think about it!”

“When I analyze those past situations now, the only thing that was stopping me from becoming who I eventually became was me. It wasn’t the coaches, the schools, or the weather. It was the man in the mirror.”

Fitman says in his career as a personal trainer he has heard and witnessed the self-sabotaging effects that excuses will have.

“Many people wallow in excuses as to why they are out of shape or in bad health. The excuses act as a defense mechanism that allows us to think we are escaping accountability. But the reality is that the excuses just push us farther away from our goals.”

Fitman told us that getting started today will change anyone’s health trajectory.

“What if you eliminated the excuses and you got started on your health journey today? What if today was your day 1 and you were consistent with your diet over the next year? And what if I told you that if you were a beginner that 60-90 minutes a week of following a basic strength training program and pumping some iron would improve all of your health markers over the next year?”

“You would be a stronger, fitter, and healthier person by this time next year. And that is a guaranteed fact!”

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