Elkins Park’s Maggie Eisen given mention in 6ABC News’ coverage about a new baby gear rental service

Magrielle (Maggie) Eisen of Elkins Park was recently given mention in 6ABC News’ coverage about a Philadelphia mom’s new baby gear rental service.

The service is called Baby Gear Group and serves as an online resource where you can rent baby items.

From 6ABC News:

The site became invaluable to Magrielle Eisen, of Elkins Park, who was already a mom to a toddler and about to have twins.

“I got to try out lots of different items and see what I liked and see what I didn’t like and traded them in and it’s been fantastic,” Magrielle said.

For more on Baby Gear Group, you can visit their website. For the full story, including Magrielle’s interview, you can click here.

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Screengrab courtesy of 6ABC