Elkins Park School Burglaries

The Cheltenham Township Police Department released a statement this week detailing two burglaries that took place this month at the Elkins Park School:

“The Elkins Park Middle School was burglarized overnight on December 10th and December 16th,” according to the statement.  “Numerous electronic items were stolen including laptops, I-Pads, Air-books,monitors, etc.  In response, the Cheltenham Police Department had been conducting aggressive extra patrols around the school.”

“On Saturday December 22nd at 12:55 AM, a Cheltenham Police Officer was conducting a perimeter check of the school and observed 2 juvenile males loitering in a rear doorway,” the statement continued.  “Both males had backpacks and in one of the backpacks were burglary tools, including a drill.  Both juveniles were brought in and confessed to the 2 previous burglaries.  A subsequent search of both suspect’s residences resulted in the recovery of a large amount of the stolen school property.”



According to the statement, the Cheltenham Township Police Department arrested “two juvenile males, both 16 years of age – one from the 1300 block of Magee Avenue in Philadelphia and one from the 400 block of Tyson Avenue in Philadelphia.”

As noted in the statement, “The arrest of these 2 individuals clearly prevented a 3rd burglary and resulted in the recovery of a large amount of stolen school property.”


The photograph is provided courtesy of the Cheltenham Township Police Department, 2018.