Election Day

Today is Election Day.

All registered voters in Abington Township and Cheltenham Township are encouraged to go their polling sites today and exercise their right to vote.

In this country, you have the right to determine who will represent you as decisions are made on your behalf.

If you’re not sure where to go to vote, review these two previous news articles on Glenside Local:

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If you need additional information, please contact the Montgomery County Voters Services.  That office can be reached at 610-278-3280.



If you run into problems or have complaints, the Office of the District Attorney of Montgomery County has put together a team of prosecutors “to respond to possible Election Day complaints in order to ensure that all Montgomery County citizens are able to vote without being subject to intimidation, threats or other abuse of the electoral system,” according to a statement issued by that office.

“A cornerstone of our democracy is a fair election, and every citizen has the right to cast their ballot unimpeded,” stated Mr. Keven Steele, District Attorney of Montgomery County.  “Our office is ready to look into any irregularities or problems with people voting.  While we don’t expect any, we stand ready to assist in protecting the integrity of our electoral system—as we do for every election.”

According to the statement issued by the Office of the District Attorney, “First Assistant District Attorney Edward F. McCann, Jr., will head the team of Assistant District Attorneys and Montgomery County Detectives who will work with county and local law enforcement, as well as other government officials, to protect access to and the integrity of the November 6th election. Any reported violation of election laws will be investigated, and if appropriate, prosecuted.”

“Any potential problem should be reported to First Assistant McCann at 610-278-3100 or by email at emccann2@montcopa.org,” the statement continued.  “The District Attorney’s Office can also be reached through the County Radio Room at 610-275-1222.”