Edge Hill Road/Tyson Avenue Improvement Project

Both Edge Hill Road and Tyson Avenue in Glenside are slated to be the scene of a major construction project during the next three years.

The photograph above shows the rendering of what the landscape wall is anticipated to look like as part of this improvement project.

This construction project is being led by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) with support from a number of other entities.

This morning, Mr. George Dunheimer, Assistant District Executive for Construction foe District 6 of PennDOT was joined by State Senator Art Haywood, State Representative Madeleine Dean, and local officials for a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the start of a project to improve travel, safety, and drainage on Edge Hill Road and Tyson Avenue in Abington Township, according to PennDOT.

“Improvements made under this project will not only provide a safer route for motorists and pedestrians but also raise the quality of life for residents who have been dealing with drainage issues along this corridor,” said Governor Tom Wolf.  “This project is a prime example of PennDOT’s mission to deliver a sustainable transportation system that is embraced by our communities.”

These two photographs show Edge Hill Road as it looks today
and as the roadway is anticipated to look after the
improvement project is completed in 2021.

“Both Edge Hill Road and Tyson Avenue will be reconstructed to improve safety by incorporating curbing, parking lanes, sidewalks, new signing, and signalized intersection improvements,” according to Ms. Chelsea Lacey-Mabe, Digital Community Relations Coordinator at the Engineering District 6 of PennDOT.  “The project also includes upgrades to Jenkintown Road and several adjacent township roadways including Ardsley Avenue, Edgecomb Road, Custer Avenue, and Bradfield Road.  In addition to safety improvements, flooding concerns will be addressed through extensive drainage improvements and green stormwater practices.”

“During construction, Edge Hill Road will be converted to a one-way road carrying eastbound traffic only from Jenkintown Road to Bradfield Road and will remain a two-way road from Bradfield Road to Route 611 (Easton Road),” explained Ms. Lacey-Mabe.  “Tyson Avenue will continue to carry two-way traffic through the project limits.”

Tyson Avenue in Glenside is to be improved through
this construction project.  These two photos show the road
as it looks today as well as how
Tyson Avenue is anticipated to look in 2021.

According to PennDOT, construction on this project is expected to start later this month and finish in Spring of 2021.

Funding for the engineering, design, and construction of the Edge Hill Road/Tyson Avenue Improvement Project is coming from three governmental sources of tax monies.

PennDOT stated that 80 percent of the construction costs for this $16.1 million project will be coming from Federal funds, with the other 20 percent of the project’s costs coming from Commonwealth funds.  C. Abbonizio Contractors, Inc., of Sewell, New Jersey is the general contractor for the Edge Hill Road/Tyson Avenue Improvement Project.

In addition, PennDOT stated that Abington Township financed the preliminary engineering and final design phases of the project, which were performed by Pennoni Associates of Philadelphia.



The image of the PennDOT logo and the photographs of the renderings of Edge Hill Road and Tyson Avenue are courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.