Downtown Glenside Foundation Plants Mums for the Fall

On Wednesday some members of the Downtown Glenside Foundation planted Mums in downtown Glenside in planters that adorn the streets in preparation for fall and the Glenside Knight Food Truck Festival.

Maureen Haff, owner of Sweet Magnolia and member of the Downtown Glenside Foundation planted mums in Wesley Plaza with Dottie Baumgarten, resident and member of Friends of  Grove Park.  Colleen Coll, owner of Glenside Pub (Best of Glenside; Happy Hour) and Amy Chapman of Elcy’s Cafe (Best of Glenside; coffee) planted Mums near on their stretch of downtown.

Photo 1 and 2 (left to right) Maureen Haff, Sweet Magnolia and Dottie Baumgarten, Friends of Grove Park.

Photos 3 and 5 (left to right & start fro  back row) Paul Hibbert; Hibberts Engraving, Bill Haff and Rich; residents, Maureen Haff, Colleen Coll and Dottie Baumgarten)

The care of the planters donated by Burke Brothers Landscape Design is just one of the things the DGF takes care.  Many of the DGF members are Glenside merchants are also members of the Downtown Glenside Community Partnership who work on events like the upcoming Glenside Knight Food Truck Festival happening Thursday, October 11, which is one of Glenside’s most popular community events.

READ story on Burke Brothers Landscape Design planter donation.

This year the Food Truck Festival coincides with the inauguration of Arcadia University’s 22nd president, Dr. Ajay Nair. All members of the community are invited to join in a parade down Easton Road, attend the Glenside Station mural lighting led by Arcadia artists, and celebrate a new chapter in the University’s history alongside students, faculty, and staff. READ Glenside Local article on this year’s Food Truck festivities.

The mission of the Downtown Glenside Foundation (DGF) is to enhance the vitality of the Glenside community through activities that bring people together and help us to give back to residents and friends.