Rise Gatherings, a supportive community for local women, to host inaugural ‘Rise Day’ at Braid’s Mill in Germantown on May 19

Rachel Rubin, a resident of Fort Washington, a graduate of Germantown Academy, and co-founder of Rise Gatherings, and Tami Astorino, co-founder, are co-hosting the inaugural Rise Day on Sunday, May 19 from 1:00pm to 5:30pm at the Braid Mill co-working studio in Germantown.

Rise Gatherings, known for their annual Weekend Getaway in the Pocono Mountains, has been looking for a way to recreate the experience in a more accessible time frame.

“Rise Day was built on the premise of providing a retreat experience that would be more accessible for women in the Philly area,” Rachel said. “We’ve been hosting Weekend Getaways since 2016, and they attract over 150 women from the region. We’ve learned that a weekend is a lot to take on, so we decided to offer a single-day experience as well.”

Rachel describes the upcoming Rise Day as a taste of the Weekend Getaway and a chance to try new things, be creative, and, most importantly, come together for a group experience.

“Our immersive, two-hour workshop really gives a breadth of time for women to explore a topic that they’re interested in,” she said. “That’s really so much of what we’re about: The foundation of what people receive from coming, and the magic that happens in the community. We’re all at this point in life where we’re siloed in our homes, busy with work, on our phones. We’ve lost the power of community, and these experiences allow people to feel that.”

The afternoon will additionally feature local businesses, such as a therapy center and gift shop, that introduce attendees to topic-specific resources.

Maureen Malone, who runs the Philadelphia Rebirthing Center in Elkins Park, will be co-running a workshop entitled “Conscious Connected Breathing”. From the description:

Participate in a dynamic breathwork session and experience your breath in a way that is empowering and transformational. Connect with your vitality, feelings, and the divine healing potential within you.

Malone with co-facilitator Sabina Von Wrede

“Breathwork is becoming a more popular modality for health,” Rachel said.

Tink Rainbow, Rise Gatherings’ co-founder, Rachel’s wife, and a certified professional organizer who founded Clean House Inc, will be hosting a workshop called “Chaos to Calm”. From the description:

Embark on a transformative journey from chaos to calm! Dive into the art of decluttering and simplifying your home to foster a healthier, happier you. Discover how your living space mirrors your emotional well-being and unlock your personal vision for your ideal living environment. Leave empowered with practical strategies to craft a home that aligns with your dreams and lifestyle, one room at a time.

“These events are for women of all ages and life stages. You don’t need experience or qualifications. It’s a nice thing for women to do together in adulthood,” Rachel said. “Rise Day times well with Mother’s Day. We encourage mothers and daughters to come out and join us.”

To register and learn more details about Rise Day, including a schedule of events, facilitators, and workshops, you can click here.

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Photos: Rachel Rubin