Crime Alert from Abington Township


Abington Police are seeking the public’s help. There have been numerous homes burglarized throughout our entire region for the past several months; including Abington Township. Abington Police are currently working with area police departments to investigate these burglaries.

Burglars are looking for homes where no one is home. They are seeking homes with no lights on and no cars in the driveway. The burglars will knock on the door to see if anyone is in the house before breaking in. If the resident answers, they will make up a fictitious reason for knocking (Hello, I’m looking for John….or Hello, would you like some yard work done?) and then just leave.

The police want you to call 911, if a suspicious person is on your property or is knocking on your door. An officer will quickly respond to investigate. The police need your help to keep the neighborhoods safe. For more information contact Abington Police Department.