Cheltenham schools may receive $2.2M tax equity supplement if Gov. Shapiro’s budget proposal goes through, Jenkintown schools would receive $265K

The Cheltenham School District may receive a $2.2 million tax equity supplement courtesy of Gov. Josh Shapiro’s budget proposal.

The new $137 million funding stream is intended to reimburse high-taxing school districts.

Under Gov. Shapiro’s proposal, a school district with high local tax effort has local tax effort in the top 34 percent of all school districts. The governor’s proposal, which is based on the Basic Education Funding Commission’s January 11 report, would phase this funding in over seven years.

Josh Sweigard, Cheltenham’s director of business services, told The Philadelphia Inquirer that the money will be used to offset operating costs, which would also free up funding to address deferred maintenance issues in facilities.

“This incredibly impactful tax allotment would go a long way toward providing taxpayer relief and helping improve equitable learning environments in our classrooms districtwide, which will hopefully lead to better outcomes for all of our students,” Sweigard told The Inquirer.

Jenkintown School District would receive approximately $265,000 under the plan.

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