Cheltenham Police Alert: Rise in Neighborhood Thefts

The Cheltenham Police Department (CTPD) issued a Neighborhood Alert in Elkins Park and Melrose Park due to a rise in theft from autos and thefts from sheds/garages.

CTPD wants to remind residents to make sure  property is secured and all vehicles left unattended are locked with valuables stored in the trunk, or elsewhere, where they are out of sight. In nearly all of these cases the suspect(s) are entering unsecured vehicles and sheds/garages taking small items; such as change, electronics, tools and other small items.

In one incident a suspect is pictured pulling a wagon filled with items, while pushing a bicycle down the street. Residents are again reminded to please report all suspicious persons and/or activities to 9-1-1, while they are on-going.

Can you identify this man with the bike?


The CTPD is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect in the photograph. Anyone with information regarding criminal activity can contact CTPD Detectives at 215-885-1600 ext. 499 or anonymously at 215-885-1600 ext. 777 or