Cheltenham grads ‘Lil Dicky’ and Netanyahu fact-checked by Snopes

Snopes, a popular fact-checking website, recently put forth the claim: “Rapper Lil Dicky and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended the same high school.”

The claim was rated as “True”:

This claim is true, although their attendances did not overlap. While Lil Dicky, who was born in 1988, graduated from the school in Elkins Park in the mid-2000s, Netanyahu, who was born in 1949, attended during the 1960s.

As local historian Chuck Langerman points out, Snopes made a clerical error: Cheltenham High School was located in Elkins Park until 1959. It has since been located in Wyncote.

The fact-check surfaced following an April 16 Reddit post which “claimed that U.S. rapper, comedian and actor Lil Dicky, whose real name is David Burd, attended the same high school as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu.”

From a 2015 Reddit post:

The full Snopes breakdown can be found here.

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Photo: Getty Images