Cheltenham CVS closing October 5

CVS Health will be closing its Wyncote branch located at 45 Cheltenham Avenue as part of a broader plan to shutter 900 CVS stores by 2024. The branch has been a part of the Wyncote community for the past 15 years.

Prescriptions will be relocated to a nearby CVS at 6150 N 5th St, Philadelphia. Current employees will be scattered throughout different stores in the area, including a CVS at 5843 Rising Sun Avenue.

“The current manager Latanya Jones is getting relocated to a new store that’s expected to open in March. They’re probably splitting the rest of them up,” Laronn Linton, manager, said. “It’s affecting a lot of the customers of the pharmacy, especially the elderly. They keep asking if we can keep it open. That’s all we’ve been hearing all day, ‘Why are you closing?’ They’re worried about their medication. They wanna know what’s coming after we close. We’re doing our best to comfort and give them the best response.”