CBS3 interviews parents opposed to reopening schools in Abington School District

CBS3 had a report on Monday, October 19th that shared the side of three parents who are part of a group called “Keep our Abington School Community Safe” that advocates for keeping schools operating under a virtual plan at this point in the pandemic. The district is currently considering a proposal to have students attend two half days of in-school instruction with the balance being virtual. The group expressed that reopening schools to in-school learning would make the community less safe when it comes to COVID-19 and unfair to teachers.

Another set of parents, Reopen Abington Schools, have a very active Facebook Group discussion on the topic and has grown to over 700 members. It held a protest in support of reopening school on the evening of Thursday, October 15th and most of those commenting within the group want at least two full-days of in-school instruction.

We attempted to find an online presence for “Keep our Abington School Community Safe” but were unable to locate one. We asked within the Reopen Abington Schools group and were told that there is one, but it’s hidden (not sure if true, just what we are told).

The district is holding a special meeting on the issue on Tuesday, October 20th to review the proposed plan.

Photo: Screengrab from CBS3 video