Best of Glenside Recap, part 3

Our final installment of the recap has something for the Best of Glenside history books: The first father/son winners, Thomas Mellett, Senior and Junior!

Retail and Services

Best Apartment Community belongs to the handsome rather bucolic Jericho Manor in Abington near the high school. For those who prefer to buy their own home, you might want to stop at our top voted Mortgage Broker, Thomas Mellett, Jr. after you close the deal with our Best Realtor, Jenkintown’s McDermott Real Estate, which won in a close race.

Once moved in to your new home, you’ll need furnishings and decor or a great gifts for someone else’s housewarming. Glenside voters gave the nod for Best Boutique and Best Gift Shop to Sweet Magnolia for the second year in a row. If on a budget or you just like cool vintage, a real thrift score might await you at New Life Thrift.

Assuming that new house has a garage, you can get a car to put in it from the CarStore of Glenside, owned by Tom Mellet’s dad, Thomas Senior. Of course, your new home will need something from Glenside’s Best Kitchen and Bath winner, and Gerhard’s Appliances has what you need. To help you buy it all, you might consider a loan from the Best Bank winner, PNC Bank Glenside. Then stock that kitchen with groceries from Glenside’s perennial Best Grocer O’Neill’s Market.

Dress up for that housewarming with a little bling from the Best Jeweler winner Keswick Jewelers and present a Best Antique or Collectable from Bailey, Banks, & Bob’s. In the Best Flowers category, Penny’s Flowers will help you brighten up any new home.

We’re always fan of making things, and our crafty voters preferred the chain juggernaught, Michael’s for best craft store. But because we always love the underdog, I’m breaking the rule a bit to give props to our second place finisher, Painting with a Twist in Jenkintown.

Voters have declared that the Best Dry Cleaner for your finest delicates is Parks Glenside Custom Cleaners and the best place to prepare their tax returns belongs to Tim Hughes, CPA. Hopefully he’ll find you some extra wealth to distribute among any of the great stores, restaurants, service-people, and other businesses that make our area so vital.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this year’s Best of Glenside. See you in 2020.