Arts Fest Roundup — A Tribute to the Artists

GlensideLocal would like to congratulate the organizers of this year’s Glenside Arts Fest for throwing a great downtown bash. We had a fantastic time talking with vendors and owners of the established storefronts that make downtown Glenside something Cheltenham must treasure and protect.

Here’s a few of our favorites:

“Where were you when I was five?” I asked Holly Hagen, seamstress of her eye-catching Creative Capes. What little kid wouldn’t love to don the symbol of super power? The idea for this enterprise came from watching her three-year-old nephew Max practically living in a cape he put together himself, wanting to save the world. She realized that something as simple as a cape has the power to positively effect a child’s self image. See more of Holly’s work at her website at
So what does one do after tiring of a long career as a chemical engineer? Maybe wood carving isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but it came to Ray Briscoe‘s. His diminutive painted carvings of the whimsical and fantastic can’t help but make you smile and want to collect them all. Ray traveled up from Maryland and makes the rounds, but admits that he’s winding down. Here’s a more in-depth story about Ray.
Wesley Ave served as the Fest’s little beer oasis, where we found Moss Mill Brewing Company selling pints of their fresh ales. They’re yet another newcomer to the micro-brew movement based in Huntington Valley. The beer around here just gets better and better, with their Lime Saber Lager a perfect beer for a hot afternoon. Find out for yourself how Matt (left) and “That Guy” (right) contribute to this growing and welcome culinary trend. Visit their tasting room at 109 Pike Circle, Huntington Valley. Website found here.
Adrian Moody (left) must have been pretty successful in his former career as a personal injury attorney, because it led him into the world of art collecting. With only so much of his own wall space, he eventually established himself as a dealer, which brought him to a storefront in downtown Glenside. “I’d like to get people away from posters,” he told me, “and discover the rewards of owning original artwork.” It’s the artists that usually spark downtown revivals, so having the Moody Jones Gallery in town is a good sign for Glenside’s future. Learn more at the website.
Jackie Butler (above) and her partner Joanne Ludwig just might get the prize for cleverness at the show. The ladies make what they call folded book art, which goes well-beyond the notion of a pop-up book, using the pages themselves as a medium to display words and symbols you might use to commemorate an event or to express a loving sentiment. The inset image depicts the little footprints left by an infant, a perfect gift for a new parent. Jackie and Joanne have an Etsy page to view and purchase these lovely creations.