Abington Township will Receive $178,600 in Funds From PENNDOT

Governor Wolf announced that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will distribute $11.5 million in Red Light Enforcement funds to Abington Township and 34 other municipalities. The $11.5 million will go towards 41 safety projects, statewide.

Out of these funds, Abington Township will be receiving $178,600 to upgrade the traffic signal at the intersection of Susquehanna Road and Eagle Hill Road. They will do so by installing new traffic signal structures, signal and pedestrian indications, and they will also be upgrading the vehicle detection system.

Governor Wolf stated, “This program helps communities across the state make investments in traffic flow and safety. These improvements complement the
many road, bridge, and multimodal projects happening in Pennsylvania.”
Under Pennsylvania law, fines from red light violations at 30 intersections in
Philadelphia, supply the grant funding. PA’s ARLE program is looking to
improve safety at signalized intersections by providing automated
enforcement at certain locations where data indicates that red-light running has been an issue.

There were a total of 143 applications submitted from municipalities totaling over $34 million in requests. A committee of eight members, selected certain projects based on cost, effectiveness, regional and local impact and cost sharing. To date, 366 safety projects were funded since 2010, totaling $62.87 million.

Other Montgomery County municipalities that will receive funds for their approved projects include;

Towamencin Township — $84,200 to improve pedestrian safety throughout the
township by upgrading 13 traffic signals by updating pedestrian signals and
push buttons. The project also includes installation of emergency
pre-emption at one intersection and removal of a traffic signal.
West Norriton Township – $196,090 to upgrade the traffic signal at the
intersection of Route 3006 (Whitehall Road) and Sterigere Street by
installing new ADA curb ramps, pedestrian signal modules, battery back-up system,
emergency preemption system, update the controller cabinet and upgrading
the vehicle detection system.
West Norrition Township — $417,246 to upgrade the traffic signal and
improve geometric layout of the intersection of Route 3006 (Whitehall Road) and
Route 3019 (Marshall Street) by installing a new traffic signal and increase the
radii on the corners of the intersection.
Whitpain Township — $132,000 to upgrade the traffic signals at the
intersection of Route 3001 (Norristown Road) and Route 3003 (Stenton
Avenue)/Narcissa Road by improving pedestrian facilities, adding battery
back-up and upgrading vehicle detection systems.

You can find all statewide municipalities’ projects here.