Abington police commend Officer Nate Walters for 2022 drug and gun sales discovery, arrest

The Abington Township Police Department has shared a monthly Officer Commendation on behalf of Nate Walters, who in December 2022 uncovered drug and gun sales taking place in an Abington Township home.

A subsequent search of the home resulted in the seizure of two stolen handguns, a pound and a half of marijuana, $3000 in cash, and an arrest.

From their Facebook post:

In December of 2022, Officer Walters conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle for equipment and registration violations. Officer Walters immediately smelled an odor of raw marijuana within the vehicle. Consent to search was given by the occupant which revealed a quarter pound of marijuana and packaging material. The subject was arrested and transported to headquarters. Officer Walters seized the cell phone from the driver and with the assistance of the Detective Division, applied for a search warrant for the phone. When the search warrant was approved, and the data on the phone analyzed, it was discovered that the suspect was conducting drug and gun sales from a residence in Abington Township.

Officer Walters, members of the Detective Division, and the Abington Township Tactical Unit served a search warrant at the residence where the gun and drug sales were taking place. The search resulted in the seizure of two stolen handguns, a pound and a half of marijuana and $3000 in cash. Officer Walters is a proactive police officer who took a minor traffic stop and turned it into an excellent arrest. He looked beyond the initial car stop and worked with the Abington Detective Division to arrest an individual who was responsible for dealing drugs and guns in our community.

Thank you, for a job well done!

In September 2022, we highlighted Officer Walters for the safe return of a wallet belonging to former Abington schoolteacher Cindi and and her husband Vincent.

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Photo courtesy of Abington Township police: Lt. Molloy (left), Officer Walters (center), Deputy Chief Livingood (right)