Mystery do-gooder and Abington officer Nate Walters thanked for lost & found wallet

Former Abington schoolteacher Cindi and and her husband Vincent would like to thank the individual who found their wallet and made sure it got to the Abington Police. 

The Pasceris would additionally like to thank Abington police officer Nate Walters who met up with the married couple at a local 7-11 to return the wallet. 

“We went to see our grandsons playing baseball at the field across from Keswick Cycle, and Vincent didn’t even notice that his wallet had dropped until we had walked all the way to the field,” Cindi said.

According to an Abington officer, an unnamed person gave the wallet to a neighbor, who then turned it in to the police station.

From there, the station looked up Cindi’s daughter-in-law, a realtor in the area and contacted the Pasceris at home.

“We couldn’t believe it. Everything was intact,” Cindi said. “It was quite an adventure. It’s wild, the connection. I taught at Abington for 38 years. Sean Williams, Abington’s lieutenant, was my student at North Hills School. Ed Howley was a D.A.R.E. officer when I was teaching at McKinley. How about that?”