A royal addition to Glenside

On Saturday, September 18th, The Royal (1 South Easton Rd., Glenside) [@theroyalglenside – Facebook and Instagram], a 100-seat capacity live music venue, officially opens in Glenside adding a local flair to an already vibrant music scene. With inclusivity as a driving force, The Royal’s founders, Bridgett Gordon and Jerry Clarke, want the musicians that play in their venue and those who come to listen to feel like royalty, hence the majestic moniker. 

Like the rest of us, Bridgett and Jerry lived through the Pandemic and saw many local businesses close their doors. When one such business, a small music venue in Glenside called The Homestead didn’t renew their lease and the building became available, Bridgett and Jerry knew what they needed to do.

We felt an obligation to create a home for live music, and use the space for what it was intended for – but in our own way.

Bridgett Gordan

“We felt an obligation to create a home for live music, and use the space for what it was intended for – but in our own way. We want this venue to be a place where people feel welcome and at home…hence our tag “where music lives”. We welcome the sinner, the saint and everything in between….its important to us that musicians and audiences members can come here and be themselves…have a place to grow and build a community.” Bridgett told us.

While this is the first time Bridgett and Jerry have tried to open a live venue, neither are new to the world of music. Bridgett is a graduate of the Esther Boyer College of Music at Temple University with a Percussion concentration. She’s performed in orchestras, jazz ensembles, concert ensembles and more as a percussionist, drummer, vocalist and piano player. Jerry has been playing guitar for about 8 years after getting a guitar lessons from his wife as a birthday present. Both are also bandmates for a cover band called The Stinks.

With their shared music love as the catalyst, Bridgett and Jerry want to provide the area a place where all people of all backgrounds, music of all genres and players of all levels felt welcome. As their website suggests:

Our goal is to make this a destination for area music fans.

Jerry Clarke

“We invite members of the community to come together and celebrate the local music scene, local artists, and local businesses. We want the musicians who play in our venue to feel they are participating in a “red carpet” event, whether they are novices just starting out or professionals who have toured for years. We want to treat musicians – and their listeners – like the royalty they are.”

“The Royal has an opportunity to become a suburban alternative to the city’s small music clubs. Our goal is to make this a destination for area music fans.” said Jerry.

In keeping with the local flair, The Royal recently announced a partnership with their next-door neighbors, The Ways Restaurant and Brewery, to serve their beers during Royal live events while another Royal neighbor, the St. Charles Paul’s Lutheran Church, will provide parking.

The Royal also occupies the second floor of the building and under the name of Royal Events, they will be renting the space for private parties, using it in conjunction with live music events, and also partnering with Yoga Reverie [@yogareverie – Facebook and Instagram]; because the space was a yoga studio for many years, they wanted to keep that tradition going.

Bridgett intimated to us: “When the second floor became available it was a no-brainer for us. The space has so much potential. Then we met Andrea Leombruni [owner of Yoga Reverie] and knew we had found the perfect partner. She’s a yogi who loves the Rolling Stones! We couldn’t be more grateful that she is able to honor that space and keep yoga in the building.”

The grand opening on September 18th is divided into three sessions with a total of eight bands playing from 1pm to 11pm. You can find tickets here as well as for other upcoming events.