177 students, faculty and staff at Penn State Abington get tested to be bone marrow donors

Near the end of January, GlensideLocal.com reported on an effort to find a bone marrow donor for Juwan Adams, a senior at Abington Senior High School who is fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Since the effort has gone public, the Penn State Abington campus community signed up 177 potential bone marrow donors through the Be The Match Registry program. Last week the campus set up two stations where students, faculty, and staff provided simple cheek swabs, which will be processed by Be The Match to see if they are compatible to Adams or another person battling a blood cancer. 

Adams only hope of survival is through a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor. Adams’ search for a donor is particularly challenging because there are very few minority donors on the national registry. 

Photo: Penn State Abington