Wyndmoor resident inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame

Wyndmoor resident Bill Siemering was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame on Thursday, October 28th, just two days after his 87th birthday. Siemering’s career spans nearly 60 years.

From the Chestnut Hill Local:

In 1978, WHYY-FM (then known as WUHY-FM) was an underperforming public radio station. As its new station manager (later retitled as Vice President for Radio), Siemering oversaw the sustained growth of the station’s audience and operations, the expansion of its news staff, and development of its programming. He helped develop “Fresh Air,” hosted by Terry Gross, into the third most listened to program on NPR and also created the popular “Radio Times” with Marty Moss-Coane.

This latest honor is one of many for Siemering. You can read the full story here.

Photo Courtesy of Chestnut Hill Local