Willow Charitable Fund to host ‘The Taste 2024’ on Sunday, Kremp Florist owner, Second Alarmers paramedics feat. by NBC10

Drew Kremp, owner of Kremp Florist in Willow Grove, along with Emily Cordero and David Brierley, paramedics with the Second Alarmers Rescue Squad of Willow Grove, were recently featured by NBC10 to highlight the Willow Charitable Fund’s annual ‘The Taste’ fundraiser on Sunday, April 21 from 5:45pm to 8:00pm.

NBC10’s story focused on the charity’s 50-year push to quietly help community members in need, including survivors of domestic abuse, those who need help paying rent, or those looking to become paramedics.

“In the wintertime we’ll fill an oil tank. We’ll pay their rent. We’ve bought a refrigerator for a local food bank. We’ve bought pet food,” Kremp, a member of Willow Charitable Fund, said.

“It’s a big burden to go to school. To know that you have a little bit of leniency with bills and other things that come up with the money they give, it helps a lot in that aspect,” Brierley said.

Second Alarmers serves Abington, Upper Moreland, Cheltenham, Lower Moreland, and Springfield townships, Jenkintown and Rockledge boroughs, among others.

“Initially I looked at the cost of paramedic school, and it stressed me out. It was $12,000,” Cordero said.

For more on the Willow Charitable Fund and for information about The Taste, you can click here. You can also check out the flyer below:

Check out the clip:

For more on Second Alarmers, located at 307 Davisville Road, you can visit their website.

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Screengrab: NBC10