Welcomed Outcome In Cheltenham

The Cheltenham Township Emergency Management Department issued a statement this weekend that will brighten the day for many people.

“We want to share the story of Hallie who is smiling in the pictures…Several weeks before these pictures were taken Hallie was not smiling……..she couldn’t,” the statement began.

“The Cheltenham EMS and Cheltenham Police were dispatched to the Melrose Park Station for a person suffering from seizures,” the statement continued. “Upon their arrival the Police found Hallie in full cardiac arrest and immediately started CPR. Upon their arrival, EMS administered various drugs, and defibrillated Hallie several times.”

“The EMS paramedic continued treatment while in route to Abington Hospital,” according to the statement. “Once in the hospital a new procedure using two defibrillators was used and Hallie’s heart started beating again. Our EMS paramedic continued to check on Hallie in the weeks that followed and when she was able, he visited with her, and told her all that had happened as she had no memory of the incident.”

“Again, training and team work saved another life,” the statement concluded. “Hallie returned to her family and friends thanks to the great work of the Cheltenham Police and Cheltenham EMS.”

The photographs are provided courtesy of the Cheltenham Township Emergency Management Department, 2019.