We made our Event Calendar better.

We here at GlensideLocal are pleased to announce that we have streamlined our self-service event calendar making it less confusing and far more easier to use.

If you are a local business promoting your own event or if you are a governmental agency or a library and you want to reach more than 20,000 visitors per month (and growing), then you really need to give this a whirl. Our calendar is accessed by the widest possible audience in our area.

Posting an event in our system incurs a one-time fee of only $20. We require this fee only for for-profit businesses or non-profit organizations that are hosting an event to raise money for themselves.

Our calendar is free for libraries, governmental agencies, or other organizations promoting a free event.

We post all events on our Facebook page at the time of posting and on our newsletter the day before and on the day of the event. Newsletters typically go out in the mornings.

Simply fill out the information with all the relevant details and submit. We will approve your post (or ask you questions about it first) and then it’s live. The whole process should take you less than five minutes.