Warminster Road Bridge tentatively reopening Feb. 14

The Warminster Road Bridge, which connects Hatboro to Upper Moreland Township, is expected to reopen Wednesday, February 14, Hatboro officials said. 

The bridge has been closed for nearly a year for a full replacement courtesy of PennDOT.

The 136-year-old concrete-encased steel beam structure is being replaced by a prestressed concrete box beam bridge that will be 110 feet long and 38 feet wide.

The new bridge will allow for wider lanes and shoulders to improve traffic safety for the estimated 11,783 motorists who travel over the bridge each year. Other improvements under this project include constructing a five-foot wide sidewalk for pedestrians; installing new signs, pavement markings, guiderail, and a pedestrian rapid flashing beacon signal on the south approach; and resurfacing the approach roadways.

From Hatboro Borough’s announcement, posted on Friday, February 9:

Latest update from Penndot. This schedule is weather dependent, the Borough has no control over the schedule or weather. The tentative, again weather dependent schedule has the bridge reopening on


The Borough has not been given an exact time for reopening should the weather cooperate and the bridge reopens on February 14th. What we do know is that as soon as it is open we will be sure to post an update.

Penndot has notified us in this latest update that there is more work to do to complete this project and the contractor will be back in the Spring to finish. That date has not been determined. There will be interruption to traffic once again in order to complete the final work. Once we have more information we will share as well.

Please understand the Borough has no control over this project despite what some think. This is a state road and a state project that needed to be done. There was a lot of work involved under and around the bridge involving utilities that occurred before the bridge replacement began, it was not as simple as the many have suggested.

We have been sharing updates, while many travelers were disrupted, we felt the same disruptions as well as we saw an influx of traffic throughout the Borough. This project was necessary and not only was the bridge replaced, new sidewalks, lighting, utility upgrades and much needed stormwater improvements were done in conjunction with this project.

Again all questions regarding this project should be addressed to Penndot.

Like all of you, we too will be happy to see this project done and the road reopened.

Thank you to Penndot, the contractor and the staff for our elected state officials, they provided updates and responded to the Borough’s repeated emails for information and other concern’s.

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