Verity Beck’s trial hints at financial motive for murdered parents

Court documents for Verity A. Beck, 44, of Jenkintown, who is accused of fatally shooting and dismembering her elderly parents in January, have for the first time hinted at a motive.

According to The Reporter, Beck “was facing financial struggles” and “was confronted by her elderly parents about stealing from them.”

Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Samantha Cauffman said that Beck “was 43 years old, bankrupt, living with her parents, and wanted their money and when she got caught taking it without their permission one too many times, she decided to kill them so she could have their money and avoid the consequences of taking it.”

Pretrial court documents alleged Beck had a recent bankruptcy filing for a total of $114,059 and had been “caught making unauthorized purchases on her father’s bank card.”

The Reporter wrote that Beck filed for bankruptcy on May 5, 2020. Her debt included about $89,000 owed to the Department of Education and about $25,000 owed to credit card companies, according to court documents.

She will face life imprisonment if convicted of first-degree murder at trial. A conviction of third-degree murder, a killing committed with malice, carries a possible maximum sentence of 20-to-40-years in prison.

For the full story by The Reporter, you can click here.

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