Update From Chief Molloy on Man Carrying the Gun Through Abington

Chief Patrick Molloy of Abington Township Police Department, gave an update today on the suspicious person that was carrying the AR -15 through Abington Township last week.

Chief Molloy stated the young man carrying the AR -15 was taken in for a mental evaluation only which is “pursuant to procedures outlined in the Mental Health Procedures Act”. While the young man’s evaluation was taking place, Abington’s Detective Unit continued their investigation on the suspect, which was based on information that was received from the suspects friends and through the use of search warrants. Upon doing so, additional information was discovered and was then forwarded to the mental health authorities, the FBI and Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, for their consideration and evaluation. There are zero criminal charges at this time, and the investigation is still ongoing.

The Chief stated that “Section 303 of the Mental Health Procedures Act provides for a hearing to determine if an involuntary commitment, for up to an additional twenty days, is appropriate. ” As to what happens now with this young man is out of the Abington Police Department’s hands and now rests with the hearing officer.

Chief Molloy talked about how the man’s weapon will remain in custody of the Abington Police at this time. This decision was made after a discussion with the FBI and the District Attorney’s Office. He referenced the Mental Health Procedures Act and the Uniform Firearms Act, which states “an individual who has been certified as requiring inpatient care may not possess or purchase firearms.”

Chief Molloy closed by addressing some of the concerns of certain individuals’ opinions in regards to the open carry law, saying it is the law and that they will not and can not bring someone in for exercising their constitutional rights. He also added that whenever the department feels that the community’s safety could possibly be in jeopardy or if a troubled individual was in need of assistance they “will not sit idly.”

For questions or concerns please contact our Detective Division at 267-536-1113. You can click here for more information from the Abington Police department.