Unity Day at Glenside Elementary School

Children in Glenside took a stand to express “LOVE” this past week.

“All students at Glenside Elementary School were encouraged to wear orange, the official color for bullying prevention, on October 24th,” explained Mr. Kevin Kaufman, Director of Communications for the Cheltenham School District.


Children enjoy lunch during Unity Day
at Glenside Elementary School.


“Unity Day started at 10:45 AM when students began ‘mixing it up’ at lunch by sitting with new students and having a dance party in the cafeteria,” continued Mr. Kaufman.  “At 2:45 PM, we had the Unity Day Assembly inside the school, while at 3:00 PM, they went outside to create the No Place For Hate Symbol ‘LOVE’ sign with 500 students.”


Students danced together in the cafeteria.


A short movie of the students dancing at Unity Day
at Glenside Elementary School.


The following photographs show the students gathering outside Glenside Elementary School as they assemble to form “LOVE”.


The photographs and the movie are provided courtesy of the Cheltenham School District, 2018.