Ukrainian Catholic Bishop Visits Saint Basil Academy And Manor College

The Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchial Apostolic Administrator made an official visit to Saint Basil Academy and Manor College.

“On Monday, October 29, 2018, Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchial Apostolic Administrator Bishop Andriy Rabiy made an official visit to Saint Basil Academy, one of four Basilian institution tours he made that morning (also Manor College, the Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great, and the Basilian Spirituality Center),” stated Ms. Maureen Ryan, Director of Marketing & Communications at Saint Basil Academy.

“Bishop Andriy, who is serving as the Administrator of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy until the announcement of the new Metropolitan Archbishop, arrived with Provincial Superior Sister Dorothy Ann Busowski, OSBM;  Basilian Chaplain Msgr. Peter Waslo;  and Father Stepan Hlushak from Ukraine,” Ms. Ryan continued.


Bishop Andriy discussing the project of art scholarship student Erin White at Saint Basil Academy.


According to a statement from Saint Basil Academy, “Bishop Andriy Rabiy was greeted in the traditional Ukrainian custom with bread and salt, and words of welcome offered by four members of the Saint Basil Academy Ukrainian Society and the six Senior Student Council members.  They represented the entire Saint Basil Academy community, with principal Ms. Connie D’Angelo at the helm, who were very excited to share part of their day with one of the important shepherds of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the United States.”


Bishop Andriy addresses a senior theology class at Saint Basil Academy.


The Ukrainian language was heard on a number of occasions during this visit.

“In every class that Bishop Andriy visited, he was greeted with the traditional ‘Slava Isusu Khrystu’ (Glory to Jesus Christ),” stated Ms. Ryan,  “The Bishop took the time to share in conversation with the students, asking them about their classes and topics of study, seeking input about curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and school life.”

“Students were pleased to share thoughts about their studies of theology, AP US History, the Latin language – along with singing a chant and reciting Ave Maria – and explaining the paintings they were creating in their Art Class,” Ms. Ryan continued.  “In the Physics lab, Bishop Andriy observed the large collection of instruments and items used in the lab component of the study of physics.”


Bishop Andriy Rabiy with the student welcoming committee – Saint Basil Academy Ukrainian Society and Senior Student Council.


The Bishop also visited the Chapel at the Academy.

“[Our chapel] is enveloped by icons that draw in the person seeking spiritual respite,” explained Ms. Ryan.  “Msgr. Waslo, Sister Dorothy Ann, and Mrs. D’Angelo had the opportunity to share with the Bishop the spiritual experiences that are organized for the entire Saint Basil community, from the induction of the new faculty to the retreats that each class encounters yearly.”

“Bishop Andriy even had the opportunity to visit the cafeteria and note the camaraderie among the students as they relax in each other’s company with a good lunch,” continued Ms. Ryan.  “In essence, the morning was an excellent opportunity for the students of Saint Basil Academy to share with the Bishop what makes the Academy a unique environment, one that many students consider their ‘home away from home.'”

The statement from Saint Basil Academy indicated that “As Bishop Andriy was leaving, he was introduced to the “Pillars of Success” photographic exhibit, an effective visual representation of all the of Saint Basil Academy alumnae who go out into the world to do wonderful things.  Bishop Andriy’s blessing and good wishes for success in school and their lives left the students with affirmation of all of their everyday efforts.”

After visiting Saint Basil Academy, Bishop Andriy received a tour of Manor College.


A number of people greeted the Bishop during his visit to Manor College.  From left to right, Assistant Provincial Sister Joanne Sosler, OSBM;  Msgr. Peter Waslo;  Provincial Superior Sister Dorothy Ann Busowski, OSBM;  Apostolic Administrator Bishop Andriy Rabiy;   Mrs. Zhanna Hlushak;  The Rev. Stepan Hlushak;  and Dean Allison Mootz.


“Beginning in the Ukrainian Heritage Study Center, Ms. Christine Prokopovich, Curator of the Center, provided a guided tour of the various displays and artifacts,” stated Ms. Ryan.  “Next, Ms. Allison Mootz, the Dean of Students at Manor College, led the Bishop on a tour of the Academic Building and the Basiliad, which houses the library and administrative offices.”

“After lunch at the Motherhouse, the tour continued with the Basilian Legacy Room of the Sisters and the Basilian Spirituality Center,” continued Ms. Ryan.  “All were deeply touched by the affability of the Bishop.”


Bishop Andriy with Manor College Ukrainian Heritage Studies Center curator Ms. Chrystyna Prokopovych.


Photographs are courtesy of Saint Basil Academy, 2018.