Trevi gets Adamo’d

Jeff Adamo strikes again. This time he walks out of Trevi on Glenside Avenue with a large pie, eats a bite or two right from the box while standing on the sidewalk outside, and gives it his rating of 7.8. This counts as a food critique in 2019.

I have to give the guy his due. Schlepping around with a cell phone on a tripod eating in pizza joints all over the Delaware River Valley and putting himself on YouTube all-but-paints a target on his back. You gotta admire the guy’s hutzpah somewhat.

I do have to correct a few things, however. Yes, I did indeed recommend a visit to Trevi, but I’m not from Boston. I lived there for about 9 years, but I’m originally from western Massachusetts where I had better pizza than what I’ve so far found in the Philly area. And I didn’t say I’d leave my wife for a pizza I ate in Boston. That pizza came from Folino’s in Shelburne, Vermont. Here’s a picture of one my wife and I shared two weeks ago:

The BK Special from Folino’s in Shelburne, Vermont.

And no, the Patriot’s don’t cheat, but the Eagles did hire a convicted dog murderer for their quarterback, so there’s that. They lost me forever as a fan when they did that. (And I like both the Red Sox and the Phillies, thank you.)

Regarding his review of Trevi’s pizza, I find it interesting that the things that Jeff cites as “unusual,” are actually the very things that make it such a great pizza. A superlative pizza has a thin, slightly crispy crust, should not drip grease, and uses fresh ingredients, especially for its toppings. Trevi’s pies feature all this an more. For a Philadelphia pie, it should get a 9 rating or higher on Adamo’s scale.

Don’t quit your day job, Jeff.