Throwback Thursday: Baederwood Grille

Baederwood Grille

In my former life, I published a magazine about the American roadside and the great diners once found there. Sometimes, I spent an afternoon in a local historical society digging through its archives in search of images like these.

At the Old York Road Historical Society, I found this amazing gem, a photograph of the Baederwood Grille on a flatbed awaiting a move to parts unknown.

What is a diner? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not an old railroad car. It’s a prefabricated building specifically designed for food service, with a requisite counter, hauled out to a remote location. This one was built in Elizabeth, New Jersey by the O’Mahony Dining Car Company in the late 1940s. The photo likely dates from the late 1960s.

Do you remember this diner? Do you know where it went? We know this location, but do you? Let us know in the comments!