Theft from Auto Arrest; Thanks to Resident Call

Around 3:30 am on Wednesday, September 19, a resident observed a male operating a bicycle who appeared to be checking door handles on vehicles in the 500 block of Davis Rd. (in the Rowland Park section of Cheltenham).

The resident immediately called 9-1-1 and officers from the patrol division responded-within one minute to the call to cover the area, and search for the individual.

Close by on Croyden Road; a suspect fitting the description was stopped, and detained for questioning. Officers identified the suspect as Jamil Morgan, who was in possession of stolen property belonging to a Croyden Road resident. Police officers located several other vehicles in the area that had been entered. Morgan was arrested at the scene, and charged with Theft from Auto and other related charges.

The Cheltemham Police notes, “This incident is an example of an alert citizen who reported their concerns without hesitation allowing officers,who were already in the area, to quickly locate and arrest the individual responsible. Theft from Auto is a significant issue in our area and we are always grateful for the extra sets of eyes of our vigilant residents.”

Photo of Jamil Morgan from Cheltenham Police Department