The Tookany Valley Chronicles: Gas Service Restored To 104 Homes In Jenkintown

One hundred and four households are likely feeling a little bit warmer tonight as compared to this past weekend.

The Borough of Jenkintown and PECO confirmed today that gas service has been restored to 104 units at the Beaver Hill West Condominiums in Jenkintown.

“On Saturday, there was a natural gas leak on a customer fuel line in Jenkintown,” stated Ms. Alexandra Coppadge, spokesperson for PECO.  “While no PECO equipment was affected or involved in this situation, we helped our customer by installing new equipment so that gas service could be restored.”

Mr. George Locke, Borough Manager for the Borough of Jenkintown, confirmed that “The 4″ gas main servicing the Beaver Hill Condominium West Building became compromised…around 5:30 PM on Saturday.”

“The Beaver Hill management worked with PECO and their contractor to make repairs,” Mr. Locke continued.  “The Borough emergency management, fire marshal, and [officials with] Montgomery County were on site and assisted as needed.”

While some residents initially stayed in their homes, all residents were out of the building by Monday, according to Mr. Kevin Lynch, Fire Marshal of the Borough of Jenkintown.

“The Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management and Montgomery County’s Community Connections both helped with this emergency situation,” stated Mr. Lynch.  “Some residents were provided with space heaters as well as other assistance from Community Connections.”

“The management at Beaver Hill worked with the residents,” Mr. Lynch continued.  “The community room at the complex was made available to the residents needing assistance.  A family with a special needs individual was placed in one of the hospitality suites at the complex.”

“While most people found housing on their own, we worked with Beaver Hill to place 5 families temporarily at the Holiday Inn in Fort Washington,” Mr. Lynch explained.  “We appreciate the assistance provided by the hotel management.”

In addition to the individuals and organizations that helped in this emergency, Mr. Lynch also noted the assistance that was offered by The School District of Jenkintown.

“With only about 20 minutes notice, the School District was preparing the high school gym to shelter residents of Beaver Hill,” Mr. Lynch stated.  “It turned out that this resource would not be needed, but we truly appreciate the efforts of the School District.”

Gas service was fully restored to the residents of the West Building at Beaver Hill Condominiums yesterday.

“The main was repaired and gas restored at 10:30 AM on Tuesday,” explained Mr. Locke.  “The units were purged and pilot lights [restored] throughout the building;  the last unit had heat and gas restored at 6:30 PM on Tuesday night.”


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